Benefits of Tracking Systems for Surgical Instrument Sterilization Processes in Hospitals

Surgical instrument processing improves the safety of surgical care in hospitals, yet some facilities continue to...

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The Cleanest Data in Town: Instrument Tracking Systems for Hospitals

It sounds overwhelming, but cleaning up your sterile processing data can be easier than you think...

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Humanistic Management: Putting Your People First

As a manager in a sterile processing department (SPD), you must manage a lot of change,...

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How Surgical Instrument Tracking Can Benefit Your Sterile Processing Department

Having a comprehensive, automated surgical instrument tracking solution provides endless benefits to your entire sterile processing...

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The Benefits of Automating Your Surgical Inventory and Loaner Tray Tracking

Your loaner tray tracking process should not be time-consuming and have you worrying about how many...

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Leadership: Navigating Organizational Change

For the Sterile Processing community, change is a constant. Every day can be filled with changes...

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6 Ways You Might Not Be Taking Full Advantage of Your Surgical Instrument Tracking Software

Investing in a surgical instrument tracking software requires a lot of research and vetting. Once you...

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Censis Technologies and Cantel Medical Enter into Partnership to Develop Differentiated Endoscope Reprocessing Software Solution

Companies combining their key strengths to provide enhanced integrated workflow software solution designed to provide superior...

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3 Essential SPD Training Strategies

Valuable recommendations to help keep your non-compliance rates down.

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