Painful Pitfalls of Surgical Instrument Marking and How to Avoid Them

As advances in surgical techniques and procedures lead to increasingly specialized equipment, hospitals, and surgery centers...

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How to Properly Clean Endoscopes: From Bedside to Storage

Endoscopes have been used by practitioners as early as the 19th century to examine the inside...

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In Scope: Common Scope Reprocessing Failures and How to Avoid Them

Improper endoscope reprocessing has been identified as one of healthcare’s most dangerous technology threats. Additionally, there...

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New CensiTrac tool offers automatic surgical instrument substitutions

At large health care facilities, it’s not uncommon for managers in the sterile processing department to...

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Stay Ahead of the Future: New Tools from Censis Technologies

Summer is here which means it’s time for gardening, fishing, camping, and outdoor projects. Along with...

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3 Essential SPD Training Strategies

Valuable recommendations to help keep your non-compliance rates down.

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