Nov 2, 2022

The Future of SPD Analytical Reporting is Here

CensisAI2 Productivity provides actionable intelligence for faster, better decision making in sterile processing departments


Next-generation of analytical reporting delivers fast return-on-investment by improving SPD throughput to increase surgical capacity

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Nov. 1, 2022 – Sterile processing departments (SPDs) are under increased pressure to deliver more sterile trays to operating rooms in less time, but managers often lack the insight into where improvements can be made. The new CensisAI2 Productivity platform is the next generation of analytical reporting. It puts the power of artificial intelligence and actionable intelligence in the hands of organizations and delivers exceptional insights to achieve operational excellence across an enterprise. With CensisAI2 Productivity, sterile processing and perioperative leaders gain insights to streamline operations and make better, data-driven decisions faster.

CensisAI2 Productivity quickly pays for itself by giving leaders the insights they need — but haven’t been able to easily access — to boost organizational productivity which enables more surgical capacity. For example, a hospital with five operating rooms only needs to expand its surgical capacity by one case a year to realize a return on investment.

“SPD managers struggle to attract and retain qualified sterile processing technicians while also managing increased demands to improve departmental throughput,” said Censis President Ankush Kaul. “With a combination of pre-built tools for daily visual management and enterprise-wide visibility to sterile processing operations, CensisAI2 Productivity delivers the actionable insights needed to quickly pinpoint issues and opportunities to make significant impacts in organizational productivity.”

The CensisAI2 Productivity interactive platform provides visibility into all aspects of SPD operations to discover what problems need to be solved and where. It allows easy comparisons of tech-to-tech, shift-to-shift, and site-to-site data to drive process refinements and enterprise-wide standards, encourage best practices, improve staff training, and inspire continuous improvement.

“CensisAI2 Productivity is the first product being released from the new CensisAI2 next-generation interactive platform,” said Censis Chief Technology Officer Barry Phetteplace. “The CensisAI2 platform will drive new product development to deliver best-in-class business intelligence solutions to our customers, help them better understand where improvements can be made to optimize their operations, and measure where their department stands relative to the industry.”

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