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LoanerLink® is a cloud-based loaner and vendor surgical asset management tool that streamlines the entire loaner management process. In conjunction with CensiTrac’s OR Scheduler Interface, LoanerLink communicates with your system and vendors inside and outside of your facility, providing real-time knowledge of scheduled procedures — including the number and arrival time of sets, providing multiple AAMI compliance advantages such as vendor ordering, vendor management and record retention.

A Powerful Combination

Combine LoanerLink with CensiTrac and your OR scheduler to create a single powerful source of truth. This seamless integration keeps both the SPD and OR teams updated in real-time on tray status information throughout the entire loaner pathway.

LoanerLink Simplifies and Takes Control

LoanerLink provides easy visibility to key analytics of the entire loaner and vendor management process from set check-in to check-out.

  • Automate early vendor case scheduling and deliveries
  • Communicate in real-time with vendors and maintain tray status transparency for both the SPD and the OR
  • Visibility to incoming loaner trays lets you accurately predict your loaner schedule and plan for staffing requirements

Manage your loaner and vendor needs with LoanerLink by choosing the method that fits your facility’s specific needs, situation, and workflow:


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Interface with

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Interface with
OR Scheduler

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Stand-Alone Solution

  • Functions as a vendor inventory ordering solution
  • Provides direct communication between vendors and the facility (OR, SPD)
  • Provides real-time status updates on vendor trays for greater visibility
  • Provides vendor rating system to help manage/maintain vendor relationships
  • Provides automated notifications for vendors
  • Ability to integrate to an EMR system

Interface with CensiTrac

  • Everything the stand-alone solution provides, plus:
  • Full visibility and traceability of vendor trays as they move through the facility
  • Updates pickup alerts automatically in CensiTrac check-out
  • Combines all features on container settings with vendor trays

Interface with CensiTrac's OR Scheduler

  • Automatic order population in CensiTrac in real-time
  • Links loaner set reprocessing history automatically to each case
  • Ensures trays needed for cases receive proper reprocessing prioritization

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