Sterile Processing Training & Perioperative Services

Maximize Efficiencies with
Clinical Services and Support

CensiTrac® Utilization Assessments

A comprehensive review of your CensiTrac data paired with your department processes provides you a methodical examination of your system. Your Clinical Educator provides you an in-depth assessment, review, and understanding of what’s happening in your CensiTrac system. This custom clinical approach led by AAMI, AORN, and OSHA recommendations and standards keeps your department ready for Joint Commission and one step ahead.

Clinical Customized On-site Training Engagements

From your CensiTrac utilization assessment, a custom training plan is developed to address and fortify current use, implement new modules, learn new features, address practice gaps, and share practice recommendations. This is an ideal choice to advance the use of CensiTrac and provide annual training for employees.

CensiTrac Essentials for Managers (CEM) Courses

Now offered monthly! CensiTrac Essentials for Managers (CEM) courses invite clients to interact and learn on an even deeper level with their CensiTrac system while practicing new skills in a demo environment. Each participant receives 12 free sterile processing CE credits over the 2-day course.

Advanced Clinical Support

Add ServicePlus Today

Connect the clinical technique, system utilization understanding, and training services of our Clinical team in one add-on annual subscription service. ServicePlus™ offers the continued expertise and hands-on education that maximizes your processes and integrates clinical guidance within your surgical instrument tracking system – now with two enhanced service tiers.



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Onboarding and Implementation

From the moment you join the Censis Community of Solutions and Services, our Client-centric teams work with you to identify and implement your department’s priority goals.

Step 1:
Implementation and
Project Management

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Step 2:
Data Integration and
Data Business Analyst

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Step 3:
On-site Training
and Education

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Implementation and Project Management

After working with your Business Development Manager, you will connect with your Project Manager and Project Coordinator. This dedicated team will work alongside you and your department to prioritize key stakeholders, technical, hardware, and additional needs as the foundation are set to begin utilizing your Censis system.

Step 1

Data Integration and Data Business Analyst

Whether your department is moving from manual to digital, or from an existing system to Censis, clean data is key to solidifying a strong surgical asset management foundation. Joining your implementation team is your Data Business Analyst who works with your department to capture, clean, and upload your data into your new CensiTrac and Solutions system server.

Step 2

On-site Training and Education

Once the initial installation and configuration of your Censis Solution are set, you and your department experience on-the-job training with our Implementation Training Team. Before coming on-site, you will discuss with your Project Manager expectations and schedules, planning out areas of focus, and much more.

Step 3

24/7 Censis Support Team

The Censis Support Team is made up of 100% Censis employees trained in all Censis solutions to provide you with the most informative and responsive service in the industry. Our support helps you optimize your Sterile Processing and OR operations to offer an elevated level of patient care.

Ongoing Training

One of the primary services that your Client Manager provides to you and your team is ongoing training, including:

  • Training on all Censis Solutions customized to fit each hospital’s individual process.
  • Training on new release functionality.
  • Coordinate additional onsite training with our professional services department.

Access to the Customer Portal

Censis provides a private customer support website for supplemental support and training options. The Customer Portal contains numerous videos and documents pertaining to the features and hardware of all the solutions within the Censis portfolio. These support and training materials are updated frequently, so check back often.

Account Updates

Your Client Manager can help you with any account updates that might need to be made throughout your partnership with Censis. These services include account monitoring (reviewing account statistics and advising of trends and/or problem areas to improve functionality), master subscription agreement renewal, and service level upgrades.

Annual Business Reviews

To ensure your department receives the full value of our solutions, your Client Manager conducts an annual Business Review with your key stakeholders to review year-to-date activity, plan for the following year, and capture feedback to increase Solution and Service viability for you and your department.

New Releases

Multiple times per year, we release software enhancements across the Censis solution portfolio. These new software updates are provided to you at no additional charge and are typically installed automatically over the internet.

Hardware Support

If you need additional hardware like scanners and printers, you can request a quote from your client manager or through the Censis Service Desk.


Onboarding and Implementation

Ongoing Client Services

TLC Phase (90 Days)