See Why Facilities Choose Censis to Streamline Efficiencies in their SPDs

"The volume of tracking required for compliance today, it's so overwhelming. For example, with new regulations, you can't skip one step of reprocessing with endoscopes! I can't see how any modern hospital can ensure compliance without having an automated system in place."


Susan Pfeifer
Director of CSPD
Sanford Medical Center Fargo

"As an academic teaching facility, we love to teach students in the infancy of their career, and this system is wonderful in setting these students and new hires up for success! For any of you without an instrument management system, these information systems are a must have tool in the complex environment of surgical services today!"


Robby Miller
Manager, Sterile Processing
St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center

"With CensiTrac, we have developed standard work in our central sterile stations. So now when we bring new people in, we've got instructions – here's how you assemble a tray, here's how you check a tray into Decontam. Now, that’s all written into our standardized work processes and helps us validate training, and ensure that we're orienting people properly."


Dawna Willsey
Clinical Director
Harbor UCLA Medical Center

"Anybody who has access to Censis has access to the OneSource IFU database. All our techs need to do is click once to have any IFU at their fingertips. This eliminates the need for multiple logins and multiple screens, by allowing a tech to find the most current IFU just by typing in the instrument name or number. It's a great feature!"

Uggen Jigmey_2

Uggen Jigmey
Central Processing Department Manager
Hennepin County Medical Center

"Count sheets, making changes to count sheets, manually on paper … that is an absolute nightmare, in my opinion. With Censis, you can make sure you're following the right thing. You're not relying on manual processes, or people who make mistakes."


Renda Palo
Director of Supply Chain Quality & Sterile Processing
Seattle Children's

"We use Censis to track every movement and every action in our sterilization process."

Uggen Jigmey

Director of Central Sterile Processing

Hennepin Healthcare


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