Sterile Processing Solutions

For Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Endoscopy Centers, and Clinics


CensiTrac® puts you in full control of your surgical inventory by empowering your team to track to the instrument level through the industry’s most capable and comprehensive surgical inventory management system. Censis’ OR Scheduler Interface provides real-time tracking to surgical cases and captures all sterilization records required for accreditation and infection prevention purposes. Built to be integrated directly into your existing department ecosystem, CensiTrac puts automation at the forefront of your department.

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CensiMark® is the industry’s most extensive asset marking service—offering laser, electrochemical, and other marking services to keep you in complete control of your surgical inventory, and empowering you to track to the instrument level.

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CensisAI2 is a next-generation interactive platform that puts the power of AI and Actionable Intelligence in the hands of your organization. The software allows you to fully optimize your healthcare asset management and deliver exceptional insights to achieve operational excellence across your enterprise.

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ScopeTrac® Advanced manages every endoscope and its accessories through the entire procedural cycle — from bedside to storage. It offers guided workflows, quick IFU access, and comprehensive data and reporting capabilities. This allows you to eliminate manual documentation, manage competency requirements, optimize workflows, and improve inventory management.

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LoanerLink® in conjunction with Censis’ OR Scheduler Interface communicates with your system and vendors, providing real-time knowledge of scheduled procedures —including the number and arrival time of sets—streamlining your loaner management process.

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We are more than a surgical tracking system, Censis provides ongoing hands-on support and clinical expertise to achieve the full value of your facility’s investment. Every solution comes with Censis exclusive services ensuring you stay ahead of the future.

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