Presenters: Hank Balch | Credits: 1 CE

Lost in Space: Mayos are From Mars, Vascular Clamps are from Venus: Into the Inventory Universe

Presenters: Hank Balch | Credits: 1 CE

Get ready to journey into the deepest galaxies of our Sterile Processing universe to explore the mysteries surrounding missing instruments! Join Hank Balch for this session as he shares innovative strategies for conquering the black holes of your department’s instrument inventory.


Tune in and discover the secrets to organizing your backup and replacement inventories like a pro, streamlining your ordering processes, and mastering the art of timely instrument replacement in your surgical trays. Hank will also identify the physical and mental factors contributing to missing instruments across your SPD and arm you with the tools to tackle this critical issue head-on.


Don't miss this opportunity to launch your inventory management skills into the next dimension and become the master of your instrument universe! Buckle up for this can’t-miss session!