Presenters: Seamus Johnson | Credits: 1 CE

Lost in Space: Instruments Rediscovered: The Power of Data Analytics

Presenters: Seamus Johnson | Credits: 1 CE

Are you ready to take your instrument data to the next level? Then tune in to this power-packed session and discover the resources you need to harness the full potential of your SPD’s instrument data.


Join Sterile Processing data guru, Seamus Johnson, as he identifies common obstacles in instrument tracking and how data analytics can revolutionize your SPD’s approach to missing instrument management. Get ready to discover innovative strategies for leveraging your department’s data to identify patterns, predict future inventories, and optimize your instrument management workflows.


Tune in to uncover the hidden insights within your data that will help you navigate the challenges of missing instruments with confidence and ease. Don’t miss out, join us and discover the power of data in your SPD!