Convince Your Boss

We want to see you in-person at CtUC 2023 - let's make it happen! Below is a letter to your boss or budget committee stating the value CtUC 2023 will bring not only to you, but to your whole department.

Copy, paste, and customize the letter below sharing why you should be at CtUC 2023.

Subject: Censis Technologies Users Conference (CtUC) 2023 — In Person Education Event


I am reaching out to ask for your support in attending Censis Technologies Users Conference (CtUC), the Sterile Processing industry’s only educational conference focused on clinically training technicians, management, and perioperative leaders on the Censis portfolio.

The in-person, three-day education conference is September 10-12th, 2023 in Nashville, TN.

The greatest difference attending CtUC 2023 in person provides me is dedicated time to learn from other award-winning departments and healthcare professionals from across the country, which strengthens our surgical tracking best practices, challenges our department benchmarks and increases our overall department education programming which impacts our output and budget.

An estimated conference cost is $2,000 per person covering travel, lodging, registration, and meal expenses.

Attending Censis’ education conference ensures that we’re getting the most from our investment in our Censis product portfolio and an immediate return on investment for my professional development as a leader in this department. Specifically, I’d like to focus on finding solutions or best practices that could benefit these projects:

  • [Add project or initiative]
  • [Add project or initiative]
  • [Add project or initiative]

The greatest benefits of attending CtUC 2023 are the learning tools and post-conference materials I will have access to from my attendance. Additionally, my annual continuing education credits will be met, noting that CtUC 2022 awarded 24 CEUs to attendees.

I will be able to bring what I’ve learned back and present throughout the year to the department, as well as to you and the rest of the management team.

Thank you for considering this request, I look forward to further discussing this educational and professional development opportunity.


[Your Name]