Dec 10, 2020 | Sterile Processing Best Practice

Automate Your Surgical Loaner Management Process

Surgical loaner instruments and sets come in handy for many reasons. Whether you’re using them to save money on expensive assets or to keep schedules moving on busy reprocessing days, why not automate the process?

Saving Time

From requesting loaner sets and scheduling check-ins to reprocessing and managing pick-ups, surgical loaner management can take a huge toll on your time. With automation in place, you can streamline the majority of the work. All you have to do is request the set you want within your automation tool, and the system takes care of the rest. Gone are the multiple calls to numerous vendors to see what’s available on the date you need certain assets. Plus, once when you’re ready for a vendor to pick up a set, the system even takes care of those notifications.

Keeping Everyone Updated

With surgical loaner management automated, you can keep everyone — including the OR and vendors — on track and provide full, real-time visibility to the location of the loaner set from drop-off to pick-up. Because your vendors have access to the tool, they can check in via the app to get a status update.

Holding Vendors Accountable

Have you ever had a vendor show up at the wrong time or with the wrong trays? By automating the process, you can set up a system to hold them accountable. For example, within our tool, LoanerLink, you can rate vendors and add notes about the condition of sets or instruments when they arrived, whether they arrived on time or not, and take pictures of the inventory to save in the system. The next time you need to order a loaner set? You can base your choice of a vendor on your own ratings and experience.

Your vendors will also be able to see their ratings, providing further incentive for them to drop off and pick up on time, make sure the deliveries are accurate and contain the exact assets requested, and that all assets arrive in good condition.

Accessing Valuable Analytics

As your tool tracks and manages your loaner sets, it’ll start compiling analytics you can use to make more informed decisions going forward. With these reports, you can track trends on the types and amounts of loaner sets you use the most and be better prepared for the staffing needed to meet reprocessing demand on days when loaner sets are heavily utilized. All of this will help ensure that sets are delivered to the OR on time.

Automating Your Surgical Loaner Management

At the end of the day, the top priority is the patient. By automating your surgical loaner management, you ensure that loaner sets arrive on time so they can be reprocessed and get to the OR on schedule to avoid any complications or delays for the patient.

With LoanerLink, our cloud-based, software-as-a-service application for managing loaner sets, you get access to all of the benefits laid out above. You’ll have the flexibility to manage your loaner process however best suits your facility’s needs and workflow: as a stand-alone solution to automate the check-in and pickup process or as an add-on functionality to CensiTrac for comprehensive, end-to-end loaner management.