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Censis Acquires Applied Logic

October 16, 2018, FRANKLIN, TN – Censis Technologies announced today that it has completed an acquisition of Applied Logic, the St. Louis based surgical tracking software company. Censis is the leader in the surgical inventory management space year after year by empowering their customers and employees to make a difference using their strong portfolio of solutions, including CensiTrac, LoanerLink, and ScopeTrac.

“Our goal is to take the strengths of both organizations and offer the most innovative and advanced portfolio as we merge the two teams,” said Censis CEO, Randy Smith. “With the expanded business, we are excited to now serve more than 1,300 hospitals across North America.”

Applied Logic’s customers will still be offered all current solutions, including Maestro ABACUS Technology, across all platforms and will see no changes to day to day interactions. Additionally, Applied Logic customers will now have access to integrate to Censis’ stand-alone solutions, including LoanerLink and ScopeTrac.

“As we add Applied Logic to the Censis family, we look forward to delivering even greater software capabilities to our clients and future clients,” said Censis CTO, Todd Thomas. “As a technology company, our focus is leading the market as the clear choice for SPD software, and this acquisition allows us to create even more separation as the industry’s innovator.”

This acquisition reinforces Censis’ goal to remain the superior choice for surgical inventory management software, and its strategic initiatives to expand product offerings.

“It is an honor to be associated with the dominant market leader, and I am excited to combine our operating platforms to provide ongoing value to our clients, patients, and employees,” said Applied Logic Founder, William Terry.

Censis and Applied Logic both share a relentless passion for their customers’ success as caregivers, as well as delivering solutions that ensure the right surgical assets are available to the right surgeon for the right patient at the right time.

About Censis Technologies

Censis Technologies, based in Franklin, Tennessee, is the leader in surgical instrument and asset management software. Censis offers multiple solutions, including CensiTrac, which is a highly advanced, web-based software system focused on maximizing OR throughput and regulatory compliance. Censis Technologies’ software is deployed in 1,300 hospitals in the United States, Canada, and Australia.