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Censis Announces Data Optimization Services

April 2, 2019, FRANKLIN, TN – Censis Technologies announced today the launch of Data Optimization services, which will be a component of the Performance Consulting arm of the CensiServe portfolio. By analyzing and optimizing hospital inventory data, these services will help enable SPD staff to make safe, compliant decisions for the OR. Early market studies have shown data continuity leading to improved efficiency, as hospitals have reduced duplicate instruments by 77% and increased accepted substitutes by 94%.

“Data inconsistencies can diminish a hospital’s efficiency, and we saw that as an opportunity to positively impact patients and providers,” said Censis CEO Randy Smith. “Data Optimization will be yet another addition to our CensiServe portfolio, and we are excited to make this service available to all Censis clients.”

CensiServe is a Censis service offering that is comprised of certified consultants with extensive backgrounds in the SPD and OR. Backed with research-based, proven knowledge, CensiServe offerings help facilities optimize their teams and processes through clinical assessments, on-site training, and software utilization recommendations. Clients interested in learning more about the CensiServe portfolio can reach out directly to their Censis client managers or visit the Censis website at

About Censis Technologies

Censis Technologies, based in Franklin, Tennessee, is the leader in surgical instrument and asset management software. Censis offers a range of solutions, including CensiTrac, which is a highly advanced, web-based software system focused on maximizing OR throughput and regulatory compliance. Censis Technologies’ software is deployed in over 1000 hospitals in the United States, Canada, and Australia. For more information, visit