Mar 31, 2023 | Sterile Processing

CensisAI2 Quality provides actionable insights in real time to improve sterilization outcomes and patient safety

The newest module for the CensisAI2 interactive data platform allows leadership to quickly visualize errors and trends in sterile processing operations to improve quality rates


FRANKLIN, Tenn., March 28, 2023 – Sterile processing defects have serious impacts on patient safety and are the third leading cause of operating room delays. CensisAI2 Quality gives sterile processing department (SPD) leadership a tool to visualize quality performance data in real time — by tray type or technician and across departments or multiple sites — to ensure sterility and improve the level of quality provided to the operating room.

“Sterile processing departments are persistently understaffed with high turnover which leads to higher defect rates and patient safety issues,” said Censis Technologies Vice President, Product and Marketing Yizhou Chen. “With CensisAI2 Quality, SPD leadership now has the actionable data they need to make impactful changes that will significantly improve sterile processing outcomes.”

Through its interactive platform, CensisAI2 Quality delivers real-time visibility into quality events and provides recommendations allowing leaders to develop improvement plans and stay ahead of internal customers. CensisAI2 Quality provides a single, comprehensive tool that enables SPD leadership to easily understand operational trends at every level of the SPD or across multiple SPDs.


Data-driven coaching = lower defect rates

The CensisAI2 Quality module delivers reliable, real-time data to improve communication and education within sterile processing organizations. It allows leaders to develop individualized development plans to improve education and technician performance. CensisAI2 Quality enables SPD managers to have transparent conversations with surgeons, leaders, and their staff that improves the trust between all the parties involved with sterilization operations.

“We’re using the CensisAI2 dashboard to click in and quickly see all the quality events related to one user,” said Stewart Pillow, senior program coordinator, VCU Health. “If we see something wrong, we can re-educate and make a change.”

CensisAI2 Quality is the latest addition to the CensisAI2 interactive data platform. CensisAI2 puts the power of artificial intelligence and actionable intelligence in the hands of SPD organizations delivering exceptional insights to achieve operational excellence across the enterprise. The platform also includes the CensisAI2 Productivity module which gives organizations complete visibility into SPD productivity to understand and optimize staffing, increase throughout by identifying inefficiencies, and make better data-driven decisions, faster.

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