Nov 23, 2021 | Sterile Processing Scope Tracking Best Practice

Flexible Endoscope Processing from Bedside to Storage

Traditionally scope processing documentation involved writing on paper and storing the document for 5-10 years. Along with this came the fear of ever having to retrieve those documents and hoping you can read the handwriting or that the ink didn’t fade. Gone are those days thanks to Censis® Technologies and their innovative, industry-leading solutions of the CensiTrac® Scope Processing module and ScopeTrac® Advanced. With a quick scan or click of a button all documentation from bedside clean, to testing the cleanliness of a scope, to disinfection, to the patient is recorded with the username, date, and time.


Procedure Room

After the procedure the scope is cleaned at the bedside. Most facilities aren’t documenting this point-of-use cleaning even though it’s the first step in the disinfection process of a scope. If the point-of-use cleaning is not documented how are the ENDO techs to know if the scope requires delayed processing cleaning. Gone are the days of assuming it’s been less than an hour; we need to know when the scope was cleaned before sending to decontam.

The Scope Processing module and ScopeTrac Advanced make it quick and easy to document point-of-use cleaning. No scanning is involved and with a couple clicks of a button the point-of-use cleaning is documented with the user, date, and time information attached. This a fool-proof way to know if delayed processing is required, and if you receive a scope that wasn’t properly cleaned you now know who cleaned the scope so education can be provided.



The designated dirty side of the scope processing area is just what it is – DIRTY. Documenting the visual inspection, leak test, cleaning verification, and other processing steps on paper results in keeping and storing dirty paper that can be a health hazard. This is easily mitigated with an electronic alternative like ScopeTrac Advanced. The IFU cleaning steps can be entered for specific scopes and as the steps are completed a button is clicked and the documentation is complete. Documenting the cleaning verification results with a Pass/Fail or an ATP result allows for reports identifying trends and patterns. What an easy way to identify if cleaning verification fails are the same scope, identifying its challenging to clean, or the same staff member, who could use scope cleaning education.



When the clean scope arrives on the clean side its typically ready for disinfection. Utilizing the Scope Processing module and/or ScopeTrac Advanced electronically documents the disinfection process from start to finish and allows for MEC, chemical test strip, lot number documentation, and the printout tape to be scanned or interfaced to the load so you are completely 100% electronic. When the disinfect button is clicked it starts the clock for your “hangtime policy.” No more having to walk around and look at tags to see when a scope expires, its all right there on your computer screen.


Scope Storage Cabinet

After disinfection and drying, scopes are stored in their IFU approved storage cabinet. Scanning the scope to the location allows for scopes to be easily located with its date and time stamp so you know when it was placed into storage.


Scope Labels

Utilizing the Scope Processing module and/or ScopeTrac Advanced allows for customized labels. The label can include the scope name, serial number, leak test results, date of disinfection, expiration date, and other pertinent information. The best part is it automatically prints with the click of a button, and you’re no longer required to interpret someone’s handwriting, or worse yet incorrectly reading a number and using a scope beyond its expiration date for flexible endoscope reprocessing.


Scope Processing Module and ScopeTrac Advanced

Compliance and patient safety are always a priority and utilizing CensiTrac’s Scope Processing module or ScopeTrac Advanced can provide that sense of security knowing that you’re doing what is right to protect your patients and staff. With features like RFID bracelet login, utilizing foot pedals instead of a computer mouse, and interfacing your AER, Censis is the way to go for all scope processing documentation. So store that paper documentation one last time and make it more efficient and safer for everyone by utilizing electronic documentation with Scope Processing or ScopeTrac Advanced.