Feb 15, 2021 | Sterile Processing Best Practice

How Tracking Surgical Instruments Benefits OR Teams

Having an automated tool for tracking surgical instruments doesn’t just make the lives and jobs of SPD technicians easier; it also makes work smoother for OR teams. When we created CensiTrac, our automated solution for managing and tracking surgical assets, we intentionally created features that would help alleviate stress for OR teams all while helping them increase their efficiency.

Here are four benefits that OR teams gain when their facilities use our solution to track surgical instruments.

Schedule Sharing to Avoid Delays

Case delays aren’t just frustrating for OR teams; they’re also dangerous for patients. Because CensiTrac integrates with OR schedulers, SPD teams can stay up to date on future container needs with color-coded prioritization that provides at-a-glance information about upcoming cases. Meanwhile, CensiTrac works in the background to assign sterile assets to the highest priority cases while saving items that still need processing for lower-priority ones. This optimization prevents the SPD from ever causing a delay in the OR due to requested assets not being processed in time.

Complete visibility to the status of assets

The integration of the OR scheduler to CensiTrac doesn’t just give SPD teams access to vital information—the visibility works both ways. OR teams can use CensiTrac to check on the status of any asset, tray, and cart. With access to this valuable information, OR teams can quickly check real-time statuses to avoid case start time delays, better manage their own schedule, and provide the highest level of care to each patient they treat.

Improved Patient Care

Improving patient care and offering the smoothest and safest experience possible is always top of mind. The visibility that OR teams get to the status and location of all assets also allows them to track instruments down to the surgical case.. With this information, they can tie each instrument to each tray over the life of the inventory for complete surgical case history reporting.

This also provides a certain peace of mind because if the SPD ever issues a recall, OR teams never need to worry whether the instruments they’re using are contaminated. CensiTrac automatically identifies all assets for recall and warns OR team members when a recalled asset is scanned in the OR so it can be sent back to decontamination.

Streamlined Communication with the SPD team

Lastly, but just as important, CensiTrac gives OR teams the ability to communicate better with the SPD team. To facilitate healthy dialogue and feedback between the OR and SPD, CensiTrac allows for team members to give kudos to each other or raise red flags about a process, mistake, etc. directly within the solution.

Although CensiTrac is designed to function primarily as a tool for the SPD, it really is a solution that benefits the entire facility, OR teams included. If you’re ready to consider tracking surgical instruments via an automated solution, we’d love to show you exactly how CensiTrac could work in your facility. You can start exploring the solution here or reach out to one of our team members to get the conversation started.