Feb 14, 2024 | Sterile Processing Leadership Analytics

Locking Down Data: Censis Technologies Pioneers with HITRUST Cybersecurity Certification

Cybersecurity for Sterile Processing


At the end of 2023, Censis Technologies completed the 2-year-long process to become HITRUST certified for their CensiTrac and LoanerLink solutions. We have implemented rigorous measures to secure and protect customer data. Our systems and processes meet the industry standards, providing peace of mind. ConCensis podcast host Vanessa Cavanaugh spoke with Brandi Guest, Security Operations Engineer at Censis, and Myles Templin, Associate Manager at A-LIGN, a company who assisted Censis to secure their cybersecurity certification.

To accomplish this certification, Censis had to go through a vigorous process to refortify all of our policies and procedures, which strengthened our overall security posture. This process is intense, time-consuming, and specific, and HITRUST would not have approved the final application unless we had completed all necessary steps to their standards.

When a company completes a HITRUST audit, the cybersecurity industry now knows that the company, such as Censis, has a very secure security posture. Customer data is now more secure and protected than ever. One thing to note, we were not required to complete this process. We wanted to do the work so that our software security is above the standard for data safety.

Why Censis Pursued This Certification


For Censis, elite cybersecurity equals customer trust. We want every customer facility to know without a doubt that any data kept in our software is as protected as we can possibly make it. HITRUST is a risk-based assessment, so we’re constantly looking at risks to customer data and coming up with controls and plans to either prevent breaches or to mitigate them.

Another reason we pursued this certification is to become a leading competitor in this market. We didn’t have to do this assessment, but we wanted customers to know that we are willing to go the extra mile for their data security. The certification covered 19 different digital domains while restructuring our entire standing, including:

  • Network architecture
  • Governance and compliance
  • Policies including removable media
  • All encryption methods
  • Standards related to changes in staffing

Fortive, Censis’ parent company, is internationally known for strong security posture. During this process, Censis became the highest rated Operating Company at Fortive for cybersecurity, scoring a 95 out of 100. This certification speaks to our dedication to keeping customer data secure.

What This Means for Healthcare Facilities


The level of certification Censis earned is the i1 assessment, which is new as of 2022. This is a mid-level certification with 182 controls, testing implementation maturity and policy and process. It was designed for cybersecurity that does not include Patient Health Information (PHI). This is an annual certification, which means Censis must maintain the standard throughout each year. Brandi utilizes the A-LIGN customer portal to work on the recertification throughout the year with Myles so that by each deadline, all the information is ready to be assessed.

What does it tell our customers about their data safety? Censis is safeguarding their info at the highest level possible. This process is more than fixing previous problems but also preparing for future problems. This assessment makes us proactive in protecting customer information. Trust, integrity, and confidentiality of information is the highest priority for Censis.

For an IT director at any medical facility, this certification is a reassurance. They will confidently know that they are working with a client (Censis) who has a mature security posture, versus a startup who doesn’t know if their data will be correct and secure. Censis has a history of credibility—we are a very mature company when it comes to cybersecurity & can back up our assurances. According to this Forbes article, Healthcare cybersecurity is a critical issue for 2024. Censis has been working on improving our cybersecurity stance for 2 years already and, as with everything we do, work to stay ahead of the curve.


To hear more about the Censis HITRUST cybersecurity certification, listen here to the podcast featuring Brandi Guest and Myles Templin. You can also check out the Press Release here.