Censis Announces Data Optimization Services

April 2, 2019, FRANKLIN, TN – Censis Technologies announced today the launch of Data Optimization services,...

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5 Benefits of Automated Endoscope Reprocessing

Across the world, medical facilities use flexible endoscopes to care for, diagnose, and treat patients. Because...

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The Importance of a QA Check

When it comes to sterile processing departments, quality assurance (QA) is a gamechanger for successful processes...

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The Challenges of Using Loaner Instruments

Loaner instrumentation is one of the most challenging aspects of sterile processing. The instruments keep getting...

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How To Change Your Leadership Style and Adapt For The Right Situation

The workplace has changed and evolved over the years, and with those changes and evolutions comes...

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Censis Acquires Applied Logic

October 16, 2018, FRANKLIN, TN – Censis Technologies announced today that it has completed an acquisition...

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6 Steps to Effectively Use Rigid Sterilization Containers

No matter what section of the perioperative loop you are in, ensuring that your sterile instruments...

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Paperless Record Keeping: 6 Reasons to Go Paperless

According to John Capurso, Vice President of Visioneer, Inc., “Paper is a temporary medium for information,...

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3 Essential SPD Training Strategies

Valuable recommendations to help keep your non-compliance rates down.

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