Jul 18, 2022 | Sterile Processing

Stay Ahead of the Future: New Tools from Censis Technologies

Summer is here which means it’s time for gardening, fishing, camping, and outdoor projects. Along with these joyful and exciting times comes new toys, tools, and gadgets. Censis keeping up with the seasons is all about staying ahead of the future and providing tools and technology to make our jobs easier, our departments compliant, and more efficient, which is how we continue to contribute to perioperative efficiency.


Most people today are familiar with online ordering, and now whether it be for food or grocery delivery, you’ll see the option for a substitute in the event your item isn’t available. If it’s a grocery item and you click on the substitute option, you’ll probably see the identical item but a different brand. What a great tool to have for when you really need something. Censis has a new automated instrument cross-reference tool that works in the same manner in sterile processing departments.

I remember the days of paper catalogs and using the reference tool in the back of the catalog to find comparable products. Now, these same products are now electronic on websites, but you still have to enter in the information and do your research. Censis has taken this task and automated it for its users, so you don’t have to go to a website or enter any product information. The Censis substitute catalog has up to 250,000 instruments. All those instruments in those catalogs and on those websites are now available in your CensiTrac account with a flip of a switch.

When assembling a container and a count sheet includes a specific manufacturer and product number of an instrument and you have a different manufacturer in your hand all you have to do is scan the instrument and if it’s an approved substitute it will add it to your container. If you don’t have scanning capabilities all you have to do is click on the “View Substitutes” in the Actions tab. No need to look in a catalog or go to a website because everything is automated within CensiTrac.

Sterilization Compliance

You create a sterilizer load and when the load completes you document the results. But, what about human error, we all make mistakes. CensiTrac can assist with ensuring your documentation is complete. The “Sterilizer loads without previous results are forbidden” feature provides a hard stop to creating a new load if the previous load is missing the pass/fail or the cycle information from the previous load. What a fantastic way to ensure sterilization documentation is recorded.


Censis is continually adding features and functions for efficiency and ease of use. As regulations change enhancements are added to CensiTrac. This provides assistance with compliance, improves perioperative efficiency and staff satisfaction, and saves money. If you are a Censis client make sure to register for CtUC 2022: The Power of Purpose where our CTO, Barry Phetteplace will be unveiling some really cool new features that are coming soon from Censis.

To learn more about how you can optimize your CensiTrac utilization, have the substitute catalog added to your account, or enable the sterilization documentation feature contact your client manager or the Censis service desk at 888-877-3010.