Feb 6, 2020 | Sterile Processing Best Practice Communication

What to Look for at IAHCSMM 2020

Just three months from now, sterile processing professionals from around the world will gather in Chicago for the IAHCSMM Annual Conference. Put on each year by the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM), the 2020 conference will be held in the organization’s home base of Chicago on April 26–29.

As you look ahead to IAHCSMM 2020, here are a few things you should watch for at the conference:

Ways to Improve Processes

Whether it’s learning about lean management strategies, the impact of water quality on reprocessing instruments, or ways of preventing instrument discoloration, this year’s lineup of presentations has no shortage of ways you can improve processes (and overall quality) within your SPD. Yes, there’s even a session on quality control. If you’re concerned that attending will cause disruption in your SPD, turn your attention to how you’ll be able to bring new lessons back to your department, strengthening the work you already do to keep patients safe.

Opportunities to Try New Technology

Does your SPD use borescopes? What about ATP luminescence testing? This year’s conference offers opportunities to try out the technologies in hands-on workshops, with knowledgeable instructors explaining appropriate uses of the tools and demonstrating their value to the work of SPDs. The ATP testing session will also provide information on how to ensure accurate results and analyze the resulting data.

Career and Manager Development

Does poor communication cause confusion and frustration in your department? Is your training program falling short? Are you struggling to get your staff on board with important initiatives? A variety of sessions are designed to help you address these struggles, improving your communication skills, designing effective training programs, and learning about different leadership styles. But even if you’re not in management, these sessions—and others—can help you develop skills and further your career in sterile processing.

Legislative Efforts

IAHCSMM doesn’t just organize this conference and set industry standards—it also does active to work to pass legislation that supports SPD functions. A key session in this year’s conference is a legislative workshop that breaks down the legislative process and shares about IAHCSMM’s advocacy efforts. If you’re interested in providing an expert voice to legislative efforts that impact your SPD, this workshop should be on your list

A Refresher on “Why”

Lest we forget the entire reason sterile processing exists, the conference features an hour-long session on the “why” behind SPDs. Patient safety depends on the work we do, a reality that can be forgotten when we’re wrapped up in finding efficiencies and addressing communication and management problems.

There’s always more to learn in the SPD space, and the IAHCSMM Annual Conference is evidence of that. What are you looking forward to learning about at the 2020 conference?