St. Francis Hospital

Read how James used actionable insights from CensiTrac and CensisAI2 to increase employee productivity and satisfaction, and strengthen relationships with other departments.


Seattle, WA

276 Physicians

841 Employees

The Challenge

One hospital that was struggling with tracking errors was St. Francis Hospital, one of the larger hospitals in the Seattle, Washington area. James Finkley, SPD Manager, described how managing equipment errors was one of his biggest daily challenges.

“If there were any errors, researching them is always a tough spot, trying to figure out what happened, why it happened, who assembled the set,” James said. “We have some processes in place to try and gather that information, but the OR is busy and they’re moving fast, so we don’t always get the information needed from them.”

To overcome these challenges, the hospital implemented CensisAI2 Productivity. With the solution in place, James and his team were provided with in-depth visibility into sterilization and resource tracking data. This ultimately enabled them to make a number of large-scale changes that drastically improved their efficiency.


"Without the proper tracking system or analytics, it would take a lot of manual effort and digging through data to pinpoint issues. With CensiTrac and CensisAI2, when I go into the platform, it just comes up on the screen and says, 'Here it is.
What else would you like to know?'"

James Finkley

SPD Manager

Strengthened relationships with leadership

Additionally, the data visualized by CensisAI2 Productivity provided other teams such as finance with a deeper understanding of what James’ team goes through on a daily basis. He described how in the past, there hadn’t been a great tool that could monitor instrument use throughout the year or provide reports on the amount of effort needed to sterilize equipment.

“This productivity platform gives sterile processing leaders a tool to easily share data with finance or our one-ups to give them a better understanding of the work that goes through sterile processing,” James said.


Improved employee productivity & satisfaction

This in-depth insight also enabled James to ensure a balanced workload in his department. The actionable insights and analytics allows James to see how work is distributed across his department and ensures that the work is fairly distributed between staff. Additionally, the insights have enabled James to have more meaningful conversations with his team and work together towards operational excellence.

Thanks to CensisAI2 Productivity, James has been able to streamline the sterilization process at St. Francis Hospital, increase employee productivity and satisfaction, and strengthen relationships with other departments.

“We went live with CensisAI2, and it was a ‘wow’ moment — this is a really great user platform. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t be excited about the possibilities of something like this.”

James Finkley
SPD Manager

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The Insights You Need to Increase Throughput

Whether you're looking to increase throughput, streamline reporting, improve communication, or reduce errors, CensisAI2 enables teams to achieve each of these goals by unlocking the actionable data insights you need, but haven’t been able to easily access — until now.

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