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Read how they used actionable insights from CensiTrac and CensisAI2 to optimize department productivity.


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Cody Troutt, Director of Central Sterile at Williamson Medical Center, describes how a significant amount of his work involved reading contracts, verifying labor resources, reviewing payroll information, and other time- and energy-consuming tasks.

Because Cody spent much of his day behind a desk, he was limited in the amount of time he could spend interacting with his staff or making department improvements.

With CensisAI2, Cody and his team have been able to streamline reporting, maximize staffing resources, and better manage equipment.


"CensisAI2 gives managers absolutely every tool they need to tweak the department to run as efficiently as possible."

Cody Troutt

Director of Central Sterile

Streamlined Reporting

To decrease the amount of time Cody and other personnel spent on paperwork, they implemented CensisAI2. With pre-built tools for daily visual management in place, Cody was able to significantly streamline the amount of reporting he did each day.

“I was already doing a very small percentage of this reporting on my own by exporting reports, manipulating data on spreadsheets and then putting up the raw numbers,” he said. “CensisAI2 is significantly more aesthetic than anything I created. I used Excel and I built a few bar graphs and other data visualizations, but they weren’t nearly as vibrant as this.”

Before CensisAI2, Cody spent nearly a full day putting together a monthly report detailing labor resources, staff concerns, improvement opportunities, and other department details. Now, generating the report takes just 30 minutes.

Maximized Staffing Resources

By streamlining the data and reporting process, Cody had more time to focus on interacting with his staff, improving best practices and training in his department.

The impact CensisAI2 had on Williamson Medical Center’s staffing was arguably the biggest benefit. Cody describes how CensisAI2 provided a deeper look into staff throughput, which revealed that schedules needed to be adjusted to allow for more efficiency.

“We’ve adjusted two or three schedules in one direction or the other by an hour,” Cody said. “By looking at the throughput, I’m able to more accurately staff the department at certain times based on my facility data versus industry norms, which has helped us maximize resources.”

By uncovering insights into hourly staff throughput, Cody was able to maximize his employees’ time, ensuring they were spending more time preparing OR trays or sterilizing instruments rather than filling out paperwork or generating data reports.

Optimize Department Productivity

CensisAI2 has enabled Cody to improve productivity of his department in a number of ways. For example, in terms of capital purchases, the platform will “allow me to see if I just need to change the way things come through or if I need to actually make a purchase.”

Ultimately, with CensisAI2, Williamson Medical Center is “better able to assess the equipment that we have and the trays we have. We are better equipped to assess the technicians we have from a quantity perspective. And we are better able to assess our trays and compare how we’re operating against industry standards,” Cody said.

“With the visibility that we’ve gained on our throughput, it’s allowed us to make those small changes in our staffing that are going to inevitably have big, big impacts.“

Cody Troutt
Director of Central Sterile

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The Insights You Need to Increase Throughput

Whether you're looking to increase throughput, streamline reporting, improve communication, or reduce errors, CensisAI2 enables teams to achieve each of these goals by unlocking the actionable data insights you need, but haven’t been able to easily access — until now.

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