SPD Best Practices: Utilizing Your Instrument Tracking System to the Fullest

Prior to working for Censis, when somebody mentioned “Instrument Tracking,” my mind went to digital count...

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Why Your Hospital Needs Surgical Instrument Tracking Software Now

Surgical site infections are responsible for 75% of deaths associated with surgical sites, according to the...

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Producing a Quality Item Takes More Than Just Luck

With St. Patrick’s Day occurring this month, you may think about shamrocks, leprechauns, wearing green, and...

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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes: How Shared SPD and OR Perspectives Can Drive Innovative Solutions for Better Collaboration, Quality & Throughput

According to a January 2022 publication from the CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network, Surgical Site Infection...

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Hands-On Learning in SPD

People learn in different ways (Sphero, 2020). Some are visual learners where they can watch a...

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Censis Technologies Announces the Retirement of CEO, Randy Smith, and Promotion of Ankush Kaul to President

Today Censis Technologies announces the retirement of CEO, Randy Smith. Randy joined Censis in February of...

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New Year’s Resolution – Losing Container Weight in Autoclaves

Among the many tools at our disposal in the SPD perhaps the most misunderstood, are also...

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Helpful Tips to Reduce the Use of Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS)

CensiTrac gives clients the tools they need to examine all aspects of their sterile processing and...

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3 Essential SPD Training Strategies

Valuable recommendations to help keep your non-compliance rates down.

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